Super Bowl LI, the GOAT & A Major Life Lesson

Super Bowl LI, the GOAT & A Major Life Lesson

February 8, 2017
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This past Sunday (Feb 5th), I was reminded of a major life lesson. Never give up! I watched in disbelief, my heart pounding, as the New England Patriots came back from 25 points down to win Super Bowl LI and make history, here in Houston.

super bowl champions patriotsFinal score 34 (Patriots) to 28 (Falcons)

In fact, they didn’t simply make history, they broke records and made history over and over again, all in one night.

  • 1st team to comeback from more than 10 points down and win the Super Bowl
  • 1st Super Bowl game to ever go into overtime
  • Brady became the 1st quarterback & Belichick the 1st coach to win 5 Super Bowl titles

During the postgame press conference, Tom Brady said something so simple but yet so profound, regarding their amazing comeback:

“That’s why you play to the end.” -Tom Brady

By the end of the game, I was literally screaming like a lunatic. I was overjoyed, relieved, in disbelief. I’m not even sure what I was feeling. My emotions were all over the place; my adrenaline was through the roof! Later that night, after I was finally able to calm down, I tried to understand why I got so hyped and so invested in the game towards the end. After all, I’m not much of a football fan. To be honest, I’m a Patriots fan by association (my hubby’s a die hard fan so I guess it’s rubbed off on me over the years). I hardly ever watch any games during the season. I mostly check-in for the Super Bowl and that’s about it. So what was it?

After much reflection, I realized that it really wasn’t so much about the Patriots but more about Hope, Faith, Belief! We all know that we are supposed to stay the course, push on, etc.; no matter the odds, no matter the obstacles, blah blah blah… But there’s nothing like seeing an example of this actually play out in front of your eyes on such a grand stage. Watching the Patriots remain calm and focused, restrategize, give it their all and never give up really made an impact on me like never before. So, in honor of the New England Patriots and their inspirational performance at Super Bowl LI, I’ve come up with a new slogan for my wall of inspiration:

Winners never give up! No matter the odds, they play till the end. Click To Tweet

winners never give up

Whether you love or hate the Pats, whether you believe Brady is the GOAT or not, even if you couldn’t care less about football, there’s a key lesson we can all take away from Super Bowl LI…

Never give up! Remember, it ain’t over till it’s over!

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