On My Radar: Smartphones, Uber, Asili and More…

On My Radar: Smartphones, Uber, Asili and More…

April 28, 2017
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This week has been a little rough and bumpy so, to be honest, I’m really glad that it’s Friday! Yay! For me, Friday is like that last 50 meters of the race. You know it’s almost over so you give it all you’ve got. It doesn’t matter how you ran the rest of the race, there’s nothing you can do about that now; but you can dig deep, push yourself and finish up strong! Happy Friday!

And Remember….
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Welcome to the first edition of ‘On My Radar.’
One of the ways I work on expanding my horizons is through reading. I read a lot (both online and off). I have a wide variety of interests and come across some great articles, posts, books and products that I find interesting, enlightening, helpful, funny, special, etc.; basically stuff that’s too good not to share. In this series, I’ll be sharing my top discoveries over the past week. Enjoy!

7 things On My Radar this week…

Thought Provoking…
Diversify Your Identity
A lesson on identity & self-worth featuring the batman of psychology & a middle-aged finance guy. Bottom Line: Expand yourself!

Motivation vs Self-Discipline – Which Is the Key to Habit Formation?
After a recent break in my routine (a 2 week vacay), I’ve seriously fallen off my new year habits wagon and now I understand why. Spoiler: Self-discipline wins.

Smartphones Are The New Cigarettes
“Is there really nothing in your life that can’t wait 30 minutes? Or are you curing cancer or something?” FYI: attention pollution is the new second-hand smoke…

Uber’s Flying Taxis Will First Take To The Skies In Dallas-Fort Worth And Dubai
You may be hailing an Uber sky cab sooner than you imagined!

Wish List…
Moxie and Oliver

moxie and oliverAll Moxie and Oliver pieces are made with a full-grain tooling leather and Caitlin’s signature process, combining traditional leatherworking materials and modern techniques to create a truly unique piece.  

source: moxieandoliver.com

I stumbled upon Moxie and Oliver while browsing on instagram. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but I love what I see and have a particular item on my gift list for a certain special person in my life 😉

A Helping Hand…
This Community-Run Business Creates A Sustainable Stream Of Food, Water, And Health
Find out about Asili and how it’s helping in Eastern Congo by developing a self-sustaining model of aid for Congolese families in need.

Want to help?
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Support Asili in the fight to reduce childhood mortality and provide vital services in Eastern Congo. Click To Tweet
And, if you’d like to make a financial donate donation, click here.

Currently Reading…
Through Streets Broad and Narrow (Ivy Rose Series Book 1) by Gemma Jackson

Through Streets Broad and Narrow book

I love fiction books that expose me to different cultures, people, history that are not typically part of my world. This book definitely fits the bill. It’s set in 1920s Ireland and is a story of resilience and determination. Talk about making lemons out of lemonade; Ivy Rose Murphy is a special character!

Check out the synopsis and reviews of Through Streets Broad and Narrow on my fave book review site Goodreads and, if you’re interested in reading it, get the book here.

Till next time…

What’s currently on your radar? Share in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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